Solo to Nordkapp

My passion for filmmaking and wanderlust converged in the summer of 2023. Teaming up with my dad, we transformed my compact Dacia Sandero into a cozy mobile home for a remarkable two-month adventure. In June 2023, I embarked on the longest journey of my life, pointing my navigator to Nordkapp. Crossing borders, sleeping in my car, and traversing thousands of kilometers, I reached the pinnacle of Europe after three unforgettable weeks.

Solo and on a budget, I immersed myself in the powerful landscapes of Norway, Sweden woods and with Barcelona as my final destination.
53 days, over 13,000 kilometers, and the most profound emotions of my life.
Every day of this extraordinary adventure was documented, but not with the gear I’m used to film, only with my iPhone and an FPV drone.
The entire story is now on my YouTube Channel.

Travel with me

Quanto costa camperizzare un’AUTO (piccola)? – Step by step
Alla fine sono PARTITO – Dall’ITALIA a CAPONORD
Ecco com’è la VERA Norvegia 🇳🇴 Maltempo e Preikenstolen
Ho visto le Cascate più ASSURDE della Norvegia 🇳🇴
La Strada più bella del MONDO – Atlantic Ocean Road 🇳🇴
Le ISOLE LOFOTEN sono la cosa più bella che abbia mai visto.
Finalmente CAPONORD – Il sogno si realizza
Lapponia svedese🇸🇪 in Estate = Desolazione e zanzare
Attraverso l’EUROPA in macchina

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